piracy is solidarity!freedom of speech is sacred! no room for protectors!

We've all got a lot on our plate. It's ok. I get it.
Try not to do too much.
Hate the system. Fuck it up. Fuck it up.
"What [the shittest parts of life] symbolize is the way Christ died: the blood came out of him but so did the piss and the shit."
"Maybe if Piss Christ upsets you, it's because it gives some sense of what the crucifixion actually was like..."
Jesus Christ pissed himself on the cross.
It's ok. You can piss yourself in class. We won't laugh.
Just try not to do too much.

"And indeed, for you in grazing livestock is a lesson. We give you drink from what is in their bellies - between excretion and blood - pure milk, palatable to drinkers."

-1666/"the 1666th wizzard", XMAS'66

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